About Danielle


My name is Danielle Ahrens. As a mother and grandmother and longtime Idaho resident, I’ve seen firsthand the problems that come from government overstepping its boundaries. You see, government has one job, to protect our God-given rights.


The right of life, for all individual from conception to natural death. The right to self-defense, the one right that protects them all. The right to enjoy the fruit of your labor without government destroying you with taxes. As your state senator, I will do everything in my power to insure that your rights are protected. Because only then will the liberty we love be secure.  

There’s nothing for me in Boise. I’m not going there to get rich on government contracts. I’m not going there as a handpicked member of the establishment. I’m not going there just to make a statement and not accomplish anything. I’m going there to be your servant. To be a voice for North Idaho values.

North Idaho is my home, and I feel it's my duty to serve the people here. When I was growing up I saw first hand what sacrificial service was all about. My dad and brother both were in the Army, my sister was a nurse. I went into law enforcement. Nearly a decade of protecting and serving, because that is my passion. That is what I was made to do. 

As a mother and a grandma, I serve because it's my passion to hand down freedom intact for our children and grandchildren. If you want government off your back, and a senator who will fight to protect your God-given rights, then I ask for your vote on May 15th. Thank you so much!

What I'm Doing

  • Board of Directors for the Life Choices Pregnancy Center in Sandpoint
  • Board of Directors and Government Affairs Chairman for the Bonner County Farm Bureau
  • Chairman for the Republican Legislative District 1 for Bonner and Boundary counties