Second Amendment

The top of the Bill of Rights, with the words "Bill of Rights" in script

....shall not be infringed. The second amendment is our God given right to protect ourselves and families against those that would cause us harm. It was intended to enable us to stand against a rogue government.


Two cabins in thick forest, sunny and bright

Idaho is rich in resources that provide economic growth and sustainability if we manage them correctly and this can be done on a local and state level. 


Businessmen shown with their hands, pieces of paper, and a microphone on a long table

I plan to empower small businesses and start ups with reduced regulations so that we can encourage businesses to offer living wage jobs.


An apple sits atop a pile of books, with a blank chalkboard background

I believe in school choice and what is best for the individual student whether it is public or private. Increased vocational programs as an alternative to singular college track education are largely ignored, and I plan to fix that.


A large group of people with their hands up, a peaceful rally

I am strongly pro-life, and believe that life starts at conception.


A large stack of white paper on a wooden table top

The government is limited to certain defined roles and the least amount of taxes to accomplish these goals are to be collected. I do not think that we should have property taxes, and believe that taxes should be collected by sales taxes and user fees.